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What is a sacred space?

If you have a collection of crystals or you’re just starting out, creating a Sacred Space can be extremely beneficial to your practice. 

What is a Sacred Space? This is a special place for you to recharge, relax and rejuvenate. It is basically a personal sanctuary for your spirit. 

This space can be where ever you like, whether it be a room or a corner in your living area - it is entirely up to you. 

Your Sacred Space can contain personal items or objects; these should be an inspiration or source of strength to you. This will help you feel more connected to your spiritual side. There is no right or wrong way, just follow your intuition!

Your crystals are a powerful tool when it comes to creating your Sacred Space. Place all of your meaningful objects (photos, candles, statues, sentimental items, etc.) and crystals onto a crystal altar. This can be a raised small table, shelf or windowsill if you’re limited with space. Place your crystal altar where you will see it frequently; this will be a reminder to you of its meaning each time you are near it, creating a point of personal power. 

Crystals that are beneficial to have within your Sacred Space:

  • Rose Quartz - one of my personal favourites, it is supportive and a nurturing crystal;
  • Angelite - this crystal calls on your angels and spirit guides, creating a calming space;
  • Aquamarine - this is great for relaxation, it helps release worry or stresses you have bought into your Sacred Space;
  • Smokey Quartz - this crystal neutralises negative vibrations, brings emotional calmness and relieves stress;
  • Amethyst - this powerful crystal carries a calming energy that will help you unwind and relax. It soothes the body, reducing anxious nerves and restlessness.