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  • How to use a pendulum

    A crystal pendulum is used as a tool to: read energies; connect with your subconscious mind; assists you with finding the answers to your question...
  • How to Sage

    White sage is used for purification and clearing negative energy. Sage smudging is a ritual where the leaves of the sage plant are burned. The smo...
  • What is a sacred space?

    Your Sacred Space can contain personal items or objects; these should be an inspiration or source of strength to you.
  • What are healing crystals?

    Each crystal has its own individual energy, this is why different crystals can influence the user in different ways.
  • Using crystals for beginners

    Are you new to crystal healing? Here is some information to get you on your way. Crystals aren't just for spiritual gurus and yogis, anyone can use them. Yes, that means you!