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Baltic Amber Teething Bracelet/Anklet

Baltic Amber Teething Bracelet/Anklet

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The Baltic Amber bracelet (or anklet if it will fit around bubs ankle) is knotted between each bead. If the bracelet were to break, only one bead would fall off. The clasp will release if too much pressure is applied.

Finish: polished
Bead shape: baroque
Colour: as pictured, one colour
Bead size: 0.5
Length: 13cm
Age group: 12 weeks - 3 years

The Amber bracelet/anklet is designed to be worn, not chewed. Always supervise children when they are wearing the bracelet or anklet. Remove the product when your child is unattended, even if it this is for a short period of time. 

1. Before use, wash the bracelet in warm water ONLY. All chemicals (soaps etc) are to be avoided.
2. Remove the product whilst your child is in water (bathing or swimming).
3. Keep the bracelet clean by wiping the beads with a damp cloth or rinsing under warm water. Dry with a clean cloth.
4. Avoid hot water and excessive heat and sunlight. This will make the thread and beads become brittle.

Choking Hazard as it contains small parts. Supervision is required at all times for children under the age of 3 years old. 

Colours may vary from the picture. Each Amber bracelet is unique.

A little more about Amber:

Amber contains succinic acid, this is known to heal. Succinic acid is found in trees; it heals the trees of any imbalances they contain throughout their lifetime, Amber will do the same for us! The succinic acid is absorbed through our skin, travels through our blood stream and balances anything that needs TLC.  Remember, no two trees are the same, and no two people are the same. Amber will have different effects on different people.

The lightest colours contain the most succinic acid, which is the healing property of the Amber. Yellow Amber is the most pure form of Amber that nature produces.

A little more about the colours; in order from lightest to darkest:
Black Cherry (black)

There is approximately 4-6% difference in the succinic acid from the lightest to the darkest colour. Amber holds it's healing properties, there is not a noticeable difference between the 4-6%. As long as the Amber is worn against the skin, remains dry, free of chemicals and not exposed to extreme heat the flow of the succinic acid will be consistent with each amber option.

Remember, everyones body is different and has different areas of need.