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Clear Quartz Pendulum
Clear Quartz Pendulum

Clear Quartz Pendulum

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A crystal pendulum is used as a tool to:

  • read energies;
  • connect with your subconscious mind;
  • assists you with finding the answers to your questions.

Pendulum's react to the nerve reactions in your fingers, these are generated by your unconscious mind in response to the questions you have asked. 

When you're feeling stuck and cannot navigate your own thoughts, rather than stress or avoid the question, allow your unconscious mind guide you.

The subtle energies of the chosen crystal can assist you to calm your mind, ground and activate your chakras for a deeper connection.

There is no wrong choice with the crystal you choose!

To use:

  • cleanse your pendulum (whichever method you prefer);
  • quietly connect with your pendulum;
  • move the pendulum in your hand, pay attention to it's movements and how it feels;
  • be calm, relaxed and comfortable;
  • hold the end of the chain with the crystal pendulum facing the ground;
  • focus your mind on keeping the pendulum still and balanced;
  • ask yourself ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions, knowing what the answer will be;
  • the pendulum with move, pay attention to these movements for the yes and no questions. Use these subtle movements as your guide;
  • note: the questions you ask, need to be able to be answered with a yes or no.