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Fairy Spirit Quartz

Fairy Spirit Quartz

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Spirit quartz is a sparkly crystal with enchanting beauty. Also know as Fairy Quartz.

It is a crystal of harmony and alignment. There are four naturally occurring forms of Spirit Quartz; Amethyst, Citrine, Smokey, and White Quartz. Some contain all combinations.

Zodiac: Pisces & Cancer
Chakra: All chakras

Spirit Quartz protects and shields ones aura. This crystal is known to heal and repair damaged auras caused by toxic people.

Meditate with this crystal and allow it to purify all chakras, harmonising all energies in your body.

Spirit Quartz takes all the crystal energies of the main stone and amplifies them in all the tiny points, each reflecting light back and forth to one another.

This crystal can bring deep connections into relationships, whether this be between family or friends.