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Lepidolite & Pink Tourmaline Point

Lepidolite & Pink Tourmaline Point

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The Lepidolite and Pink Tourmaline combination will enable you to receive both energies from the stones.


Zodiac: Libra
Chakra: Crown, Third Eye
Transition | Healing | Focus

Lepidolite is the stone of transition. It brings deep emotional healing, which can reduce stress and soothe. This releases negativity.

Lepidolite facilitates astral travel; it helps take you forward into the future, tuning you into your thoughts and feelings from other lives that are currently creating your blockage.

PINK TOURMALINE - also known as Rubellite

Chakra: Heart


Zodiac: Capricorn
Chakra: Base
Protection | Grounding | Focus

Colours: Tourmaline ranges from black, brown, violet, green and pink.

Tourmaline acts as a shield against negativity. It cleanses, purifies and detoxifies the body and the energy field that surrounds it. Tourmaline helps you to stay grounded and focused on the present moment.