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Menstrual Support
Menstrual Support

Menstrual Support

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This collection of tumble stones is to provide menstrual support. The set contains:

  • Bloodstone
  • Carnelian
  • Rainbow Moonstone

The above list of crystals links to moods, feelings and mental attitude. To support your journey, carry them together.

More about the crystals:

Alignment | Purification | Calming

Also known as Heliotrope. Bloodstone is a powerful healer. It calms and revitalises the mind, dispels confusion which enhances decision making, heightens ones intuition, increases creativity and encourages selflessness.

Bloodstone reduces impatience, irritability and aggressiveness.

Healing | Courage | Trust 

Carnelian is a stabilising stone. It promotes courage, strength, concentration and living a positive life. Carnelian helps in trusting yourself and your perceptions. It protects against envy, rage and resentment; calming anger and emotional negativity.

Lay this stone on your lower abdomen, lower back or place in a nice relaxing bath!

Nurturing | Growth | Relaxing

Moonstone is known as the stone for new beginnings. It is a crystal of inner growth and strength.

Moonstone deflects negativity, eases emotional trauma, stabilises emotions and provides calmness. This crystal assists with sleep as it reduces emotional tension, allowing the mind and body to calm.

** Price is per set and contains 1x of each stone mentioned above. The picture represents the quality you can expect to receive. Please note that stones are unique and individual, they can vary slightly in size and colour.