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Pink Opal Point

Pink Opal Point

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Zodiac: Not associated with any zodiac. Lucky stone for Cancer, Libra & Pisces.
Chakra: Heart

Spiritual Awakening | Self-Healing | Growth

These gorgeous Pink Opal points range in colours from a bright baby pink to a pink-white or cream.

Pink Opal activates and unblocks the heart chakra. It sends a calming and tranquil vibration to one’s aura. This is a beautiful crystal for someone struggling with any form of sadness, whether it be grief or a broken heart. Pink Opal is known to clear out one's heart space and guide it into acceptance, allowing the feelings and emotions of whatever is weighing it down to free. Being able to accept what has happened will allow one to move forward and grow.

Pink Opal pushes one to look within, this will help to strengthen one's connection with their inner self. This allows one to be able to rely on just themselves as it provides vibrations to aid in self-healing of the body and aura. 

Pink Opal is a excellent crystal for children with fears, shyness or a closed heart. This crystal helps to calm a child’s mind and offers the vibrations to open the child’s heart. If your child suffers from nightmares or terrors, place this crystal under their pillow. 

Do not expose your Opal to sunlight. Opal contains water, the sun will dry the crystal out and it will become brittle which can lead to a potential break.