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Ruby Zoisite (Anyolite) Tumble Stone

Ruby Zoisite (Anyolite) Tumble Stone

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Ruby Zoisite is also known as Anyolite; it is a combination of crystals, Ruby within Zoisite.

Zodiac: Aries, Aquarius
Chakra: Base, Heart, Third eye

Self-control | Self-esteem | Courage

Ruby Zoisite (Anyolite) brings passion and a zest for life. This crystal offers energies of happiness, appreciation, abundance, vitality and growth. It is also said to stimulate psychic abilities and increase awareness of your individuality.

Zoisite helps to alleviate the feelings of grief, anger, despair and defeat. This is a powerful crystal for deep healing, it activates the body’s defense and healing mechanisms.
Zoisite is an energising healer on a physical level.

**Price is per 1x piece. The picture represents the quality you can expect to receive. Please note, stones are unique and individual, they can vary slightly in size and colour.