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Selenite Bowl - 8-10cm

Selenite Bowl - 8-10cm

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Zodiac: Taurus
Chakra: Crown

Clarity | Peace | Calmness

Think of Selenite as the Guardian Angel in your home. Selenite is a powerful protector. It brings a protective, yet calming and angelic energy into your home to promote a peaceful space. Selenite has the ability to quickly unblock any stagnant or stale energy, removing any negative energy from your home. It instils deep peace and clears confusion which can aid in seeing the bigger picture.

Selenite is a very soft mineral which can be easily scratched. If placed in water, Selenite completely dissolves and reverts to gypsum. It was named after the ancient Greek Moon Goddess, Selēnē. Its thin layers create a moon-like luminescence. 

Place crystals beside Selenite for >6 hours to cleanse and recharge. Selenite is a soft mineral which can be easily scratched. If placed in water, it dissolves.

Measurement: Approx 8-10cm wide

** Price is per 1x piece. The picture represents the quality you can expect to receive. Please note that crystals are unique and individual, they can vary slightly in size, shape and colour.