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Facial Set - Stress Relief
Facial Set - Stress Relief

Facial Set - Stress Relief

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A DIY facial grid to assist melting away your stresses.

Facial set includes:

  • 1x Fluorite - positivity and clarity of mind
  • 1x Amethyst - peace and relaxation
  • 2x Blue Lace Agate - stress relief


  1. Place the Blue Lace Agate on both of your cheek bones
  2. Place the Amethyst on your third eye (just above your eyebrows in the center)
  3. Place the Fluorite above the Amethyst (middle of your forehead)

Now it’s time to relax with your crystal facial grid. Close your eyes for 10 minutes. Imagine all your stresses being cleansed from your mind.

Once you’ve finished, remove the crystals from your face and place them next to Selenite for a minimum of 6 hours to charge before using again.

 TIP: use the Rose Quartz facial roller to reduce puffiness and increase circulation, leaving you with a loving Rose Quartz infused glow. Don’t forget your Selenite!

*image displayed is what you will receive. Crystals can vary slightly in size, shape and colour as each piece is unique.