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Sweet Dreams - Sleep Support

Sweet Dreams - Sleep Support

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Do you struggle to unwind after a long day and fall asleep? Me too! I have been using this beautiful combination of crystals and essential oils to provide me with support to aid a better nights sleep. 

Pack contains:

  • 10ml glass roller bottle filled with a sleepy essential oil blend 
  • Moonstone tumbled stone
  • Hematite tumbled stone
  • Howlite tumbled stone

How to use:

Each night before bed, roll the essential oil (EO) blend behind your ears and on both temples. Temples are the perfect area at night when you need to shut off your brain to get a good night’s sleep.  

Once a month after cleansing the crystals, set your intention and place your crystals in your pillow case. Instructions on how to set the intention can be found on my blog.

Ingredients: EO's cedarwood, lime, lavender, vanilla, ocotea, copaiba and fractionated coconut oil.

**Caution: tumbled stones are small crystals, please keep out of reach from children. Consult your doctor prior to use of essential oils.