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The Universe Has Your Back Gift Box
The Universe Has Your Back Gift Box

The Universe Has Your Back Gift Box

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The perfect giftbox to kick start your desire to read Oracle Cards, it has everything you need to get started on your journey.

Simply sage your Oracle Cards, shuffle the cards to put your energy in them. When you're not using your cards, place the Selenite on top of the deck to keep the positive energy flowing.


- The Universe Has Your Back Oracle Deck
- Sage Smudge Stick
- Selenite Moon Crescent

More about the products:

The Universe Has Your Back

52 inspiring messages to help you open up the the power of the universe. 

This inspiring 52-card deck offers spiritual guidance to help you find strength when you are down, synchronicity and support when you are lost, safety in the face of uncertainty, and joy in all circumstances. Now it is in your hands. Surrender to the guidance that the cards provide, practice patience and peace, and trust that the Universe has your back.


Sage (approx 9-11cm)

White sage is used for purification and clearing negative energy.

Sage Smudging is a ritual where the leaves of the Sage plant are burned. The smoke is then directed into a space that is in need of clearing negative energy, the spirit of the sage plant releases its energy of protection. Be sure to express your gratitude for its assistance.

Benefits of Sage:

  • Sage is filled with Antioxidants
  • Sage purifies the air. It grabs onto and soaks up dust and mould, neutralising them and also odours
  • It is antibacterial; it can help to stop the spreading of germs
  • Repels Insects
  • Dispels negativity and gets rid of any stuck energy
  • Soothes the mind, body and soul and promotes happiness & boosts energy levels
  • Boosts cognition and aids brain memory
  • Sage has also been said to improve sleep. Clearing the air, encouraging a deeper slumber

Source: California 



Zodiac: Taurus
Chakra: Crown

Clarity | Peace | Calmness

Think of Selenite as the Guardian Angel in your home. Selenite is a powerful protector. It brings a protective, yet calming and angelic energy into your home to promote a peaceful space. Selenite has the ability to quickly unblock any stagnant or stale energy, removing any negative energy from your home. It instils deep peace and clears confusion which can aid in seeing the bigger picture.

Selenite is a very soft mineral which can be easily scratched. If placed in water, Selenite completely dissolves and reverts to gypsum. It was named after the ancient Greek Moon Goddess, Selēnē. Its thin layers create a moon-like luminescence. 

Place crystals beside Selenite for >6 hours to cleanse and recharge. Selenite is a soft mineral which can be easily scratched. If placed in water, it dissolves.