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Tumbled Howlite Bracelet

Tumbled Howlite Bracelet

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Zodiac: Gemini
Chakra: Crown

Soothing | Sleep | Calmness

Howlite has a soothing energy that can help to alleviate stress and calm anger. This crystal heightens the level of patience you feel, strengthens your memory and stimulates a desire for knowledge.

Howlite can aid insomnia, especially when caused by an overactive mind. For anyone having sleeping difficulties, place a piece under your pillow as it is known to alleviate insomnia.

Howlite is naturally a white stone, so if it is any colour other than white it has been dyed.

** Price is per 1x piece. The picture represents the quality you can expect to receive. Please note that stones are unique and individual, they can vary slightly in size and colour.