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This collection of tumble stones is to encourage wealth in your life. The set contains:

  • Citrine
  • Green Aventurine
  • Green Jade
  • Pyrite
  • Tiger Eye

The above list of crystals links to moods, feelings and mental attitude. To support your journey, carry them together.

More about the crystals:

Happiness | Success | Creativity

Citrine energises, inspires and stimulates creative thinking; freeing the mind of limitations and helping turn ideas into reality. Citrine can assist in raising one’s self esteem, promoting confidence and motivation. This crystal can attract wealth, prosperity and success.

Carry the crystal with you for inspiration.

Comforter | Healer | Lucky

Green Aventurine is known as the stone of opportunities. It is thought to be lucky when manifesting prosperity and wealth. Green Aventurine dissolves negative emotions and thoughts, encourages optimism, perseverance, and stimulates perception. This crystal is an all-round great healer.

Carry the Aventurine with you as a stone of harmony.

Protection | Calming | Love

Jade is a protective stone; it encourages you to become who you really are. Jade calms the mind and nervous system, eases over excitement, increases love and nurturing. It is linked emotionally to the heart chakra, enabling love with all. Jade brings insightful dreams.

Place this stone in your home to encourage abundance and peace.

Clarity | Creativity | Focus

Pyrite helps to reawaken ideas and provides energy to make it a reality. Pyrite clarifies mental processes, chases away confusion and negativity; shedding light on the issue and providing focus.

Place this stone in your office to aid focus, it will help detoxify your environment.

Protection | Courage | Grounding

Tiger Eye is a stone of protection. It has the power to clear mental blocks, unclog emotions, encourage focus, stabilise mood swings and assist with self-confidence. Tiger Eye is said to bring good luck to its owner. 

Hold the stone in your hand and meditate on the golden quality of the Tiger Eye. It may also bring good luck to its owner.

** Price is per set and contains 1x of each stone mentioned above. The picture represents the quality you can expect to receive. Please note that stones are unique and individual, they can vary slightly in size and colour.